Thursday, September 25, 2008

I blame Kristine.

Kristine over at Just Keep Sewing introduced me to fabric coops. For those of you who don't know what means here is a synopsis. It is kind of like seeing a competitive race halfway through and deciding you need to run too. You see all these people running and you shoot into the run from a side street. There is a finish line, somewhere. You don't really know because you didn't really start with those runners. There is some semblance of order. Again, you have no idea what this race is about or how long it goes. You are just running your heart out. This is how I feel sometimes in this coop. It is fast paced and you don't always get the fabric you want. The fabrics are available, you get to look at them, then they are gone three days later and you have a new batch to pick from. You put your order into this database and then you PayPal then the totals with shipping. I have no idea how they keep track of things.

This is the Fabrics and Notions coop that is run through a Yahoo Group. Here is the Picture Trail album where Ressy keeps the pictures of the available fabrics. Check out the prices (!!) on that photo album. Many of you know I have this $100/month limit on my sewing spending. Well, I've spent a bit more than that this month. Yikes.

Honey, not that much, just more than my $100 limit. I love you Honey.

I decided that I would get this wool woven for a Serious Suit. I need one of those every once in a while at school. This is subdued but interesting with all the different colored yarns running through it.

I love this wool too. I didn't buy any but I think it would make a great jacket.

I'm a sucker for grey herringbone. I didn't get this either.

What I did buy in this last batch is a bunch of wool jersey and burgundy wool crepe. These are my favorite fabrics. I love wool crepe and wool jersey is cooooozy. This is not a good thing for those of you who are trying to pare down your stash. Good luck trying to resist!


Imaan said...

OMG, don't tell me you are working as a teacher, on top of cabinbaby, AND looking after 3 under 5?????

I am blown you sleep? How do you do it, apart from not being fanatic about cleaning? Do tell!

I'm so impressed...

Unknown said...

Oh my... I'm, uh, flattered?? I've overloaded (a.k.a. run out of hiding places for my fabric purchases), so I'm pausing my purchases for now. When I've made a dent (a.k.a. find an empty drawer) I'll be ordering more!