Sunday, September 28, 2008

Winter Inspiration

My MIL snagged a couple of InStyle magazines from her work for me. I really like this short-sleeved jacket.

I think I have this pattern. It's a carbon copy of the retro Simplicity pattern. Well, maybe not a perfect copy. The Simplicity one has a gathered bust and the other one has a dart maybe? It's pretty darn close.
I love the colors in this. The styles are kinda blah.

I need a new haricut. What do you guys think of this? I love a good bob.

Love the gray.

Again, gray and purple. I don't know if this is a coat or a dress. I look for it but couldn't find it.

I love this bright skirt and I have the perfect bright, big print for it.
This photo I just find disturbing. Boy and girl? Boy and boy? For a while I thought it was the same person with photoshopping but their noses are different.

This is just the ad from JCPenney that comes on Sunday. I really like the shape of this. I would make this in a sweater knit. I've always liked belted waists. I was thinking this BWOF pattern with a self-fabric belt.


Rhoto said...

"I need a new haricut. What do you guys think of this? I love a good bob." DARLING!! Go for it!! Is you hair straight, naturally??
Warm greetings,
PS It's a boy and a girl. Showing adrognanis (sp?) styling, eh.

Myra said...

That ad is really strange (D&G). I like the BWOF tunic w/ turtleneck & tulip skirt (maybe not together?). You'll have a bunch of fun soon making all of the new clothes.

Anonymous said...

You have such great taste in fashion. I love that haircut. I wish I had the courage to just chop all mine off, but I don't feel myself if it is not long. UGH!!!!

Charity said...

Too funny! I have the gray coat with purple tights in my inspiration files as well as the black skirt with purple top. I love the way the black skirt has the creases in it.

Love the bob and think it would totally suit you!


Anonymous said...

ooohh spooky! I just today tore out that Ann Taylor add, I must have that grey ruffled shirt. If you come up with a pattern, please let me know...I'll do the same if I can find one.

Cathy said...

The bob would look great on you! Smooth, polished look with low time investment--perfect for a mom with little ones on the run:] The Simplicity jumper and the JCP knockoff are so your style! I tagged you in a meme. If you'd like to join, the info's on my blog.

Angelia said...

Love the haircut choice... I'm thinking of going shorter myself.. it feels more 'youthful' to me now...
Love the greys! Esp. with the purple.
Great style choices.