Sunday, September 14, 2008

Burda 11-2006-138 Girls' Coat Part 1

I am making slow but steady progress on the coats. This is one of the pockets. I didn't want to do applique on the pockets so I used the varigated thread to make some simple designs.

Yesterday I knew that two kids were upstairs but didn't know where the third one was. That door to the right is my sewing room. I walked right past her on the way upstairs (that's to the right also). See her? I took them off naps because they were having parties in their room for two hours after I put them to bed at night. So, no naps anymore. One of them is totally fine with it but this one needs a catnap everyday. She just sort of passes out where ever.

This was about 5 minutes before I "lost" one. They were "helping" me in the sewing room. Why do they smile like that. It only happens when they see a camera.

Here is the lining of the coat. It will be big but that's perfect. I would love to get two winters out of these coats.

I should have more to show by the end of today. Hopefully.


Unknown said...

I've just found your blog and you have inspired to get serious about doing some sewing from my burdas. Those jackets are looking amazing, I tend to stick to really simple patterns for the kids so I don't get too upset when the clothes come home covered in paint and holes.

Myra said...

Good Lord, do I know about kiddos disappearing on me. I, too, have 4 & my 3 yo is the worst. Or the 7 yo & 3 yo get into it arguing, etc. I did good today to finish up a simple knit top. I have the bodice to a "dress" amended from a top I like cut out to try, but who knows if I will get that far. The 3 oldest do not nap & the baby resists if they are all home.

Cindy May said...

omigosh, having a 2.5 yo, this was one of the BEST images I have ever seen!! Also, I LOVE LOVE the disarry. Makes me feel so less guilty about having a disaster house while sewing and my kid is playing by himself. I love you for this!

Jacqui said...

Too cute!!! My son fought naps so I always just let him fall asleep wherever - lots of cute pics. Coincidently, at that age, he always made the "closed eye" smiles everytime the camera came