Monday, September 1, 2008

Questions and Answers

Okay Dokey. A few people have asked questions I haven't been good about answering them lately.

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Two duds in a row . . .": This is timely for me as I had planned to make that jacket from a small piece of fleece in a spectacular color. Now that you've worn it, do you think it's just the color or does the style not work with the fabric? VtMartha

VtMartha: I think that Polartec 200 fleece is not a good fabric choice for this pattern. Also, there is something wrong with either the tracing (me) or the pattern. If you look at the waistband and zipper length, they were way off from the line drawing. But if you look at Melissa's version, everything works. I am pretty sure it is my attention to detail or, in this case, the lack there of that made it bad.

judith has left a new comment on your post "Snap Press is here . . .": I have one of those presses, love it, but hate the plastic snaps that came with it. Have you been able to find metal snaps? I tried snapsource, but theirs are all prong type. I guess I'm looking for size 20 post snaps - would appreciate any help. thanks.

judith: Try They have post-type snaps in various sizes. Here are the size 20 ones. In fact they have a whole page of post and spring-style snaps. You have to buy the separate die for this type of snap.

Lindsay T said...
What pattern did you decide to make the LBD from? I'm hoping it's the BWOF from 5-08 because I'm dying to see this cute dress on a real person. Dawn, you'd be proud of me. I'm almost done with my Very First BWOF!

LindseyT: I did decide on the 05/2008 dress! That, and a few others. :) I have it traced. Now I just have to find a time when all the kids are in bed to cut it all out.

Myra said...
Gosh, except for kids things, mine have gone that way too. Your Jalie top with the boatneck is a great one for you. What about drafting that to a LBD with a waist sash?

Myra: Thanks for this comment! This is totally what gave the inspiration to try the Jalie top as a dress.

Kristine said...
Hey, what the inside Alaskan scoop on McCains' VP pick?

Kristine: I try to stay away from politics so I can't tell you much. Here is the Alaskan take (or my take) on the situation. Most Alaskans really like her. She has appeal for me because she is a "real" person. She has five kids and the youngest one has Down's Syndrome. They totally seem like the type of people I could sit down with and have a beer. I think it's important that they are "real" people. On the other hand, McCain is not a spring chicken and may not make it four years. I think people are concerned, and rightly so, that she might become the president and not have much experience. Most people here are excited because she is one of us. Alaska is a republican state so Alaska would have voted McCain anyway. I don't think anything will change that.

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Unknown said...

thanks for the scoop! my Sept BWOF finally showed up today, what a treat! So many great jackets, and I love blouses 115 & 126!