Thursday, July 2, 2015

June Burda Challenge - 06-2015 #121 Gathered Knit Dress

Well, hi there! Look at me, being all late with the Burda Challenge for June! I have no excuses. It has been a busy month, sure, but it only took me about four hours to make this dress. Oh well, better late than never right??

How much fun is this fabric, first off. And how great is this pattern?


It’s certainly snug fitting, isn’t it? I feel VERY AWARE of that fact since my 40th (holy crap, howdidthathappen?!?!?!) birthday was yesterday. Am I too old to wear this? I read once that you aren’t supposed to wear mini-skirts after 30. This baby certainly borders on that territory and I’m way over 30!


It’s funny how crooked this back zig-zagging makes my butt look. This dress is gathered at CF and CB and had cut-on sleeves with a gusset.


I made my standard Burda 34 and it fits well. This dress needs to be snug because of the gathers. If you made it loose, they would just hang and look like droopy skin. Blech.


Here you can see the bottom part of the underarm gusset. It’s probably really hard to tell with this fabric though. I bought this fabric at the National City Swap Meet (duh!). I didn’t realize until this picture how far down the gussets go. They go all the way down to my waist!


For being so form-fitting it’s really comfortable. I think the underarm gussets help with making it snug but comfortable. The gussets were challenging to put in with this ITY jersey.


I interfaced the facing and followed all the directions just like Burda dictated. They actually made sense.


I’m not real happy with my topstitching. My machine was skipping stitches like crazy so I changed the needles, thread, bobbin, etc. It was no better. Then I (STUPIDLY!!!) tried the lightning stitch. Luckily I tried it on the black part on the back where it’s black fabric, because there is no unpicking that on ITY fabric. The thing that finally worked??? I used my new Janome Coverstitcher with the chainstitch! It worked like a charm! Unfortunately, it’s not that easy to see around the clunky foot, so I got the bottom horizontal stitch just the teeniest bit crooked. Dammit.


Here’s the big gusset. I though about putting in something contrast-y, but they thought it might just look like my armpit was black, or orange, or whatever. I decided to play it safe with the fashion fabric.


I have another Jalie pattern to show you!!! I actually made it months ago, but just got around to doing the glam photo shoot!


How is everyone coming along with the Burda Challenge? We are halfway done!!!!!


Shirleanne said...

This looks great! You are not too old to wear this! I am 47 and I would definitely wear this. What a great fabric print!

Jen said...

Lovely dress, and the gusset detail is intriguing. I say, minis are for any age. So long as the legs look good, why not? : )

Teri A. said...

Looks awesome and don't put too much into that no mini's after 30. I'm 44 and the length on the dress is fine. I would totally wear this and it looks great on you. I just bought the Janome Coverpro900 a few months ago and I had the same problem trying to line the fabric up with that great big presser foot, you can't see what you're doing. Anyway, they have a clear foot and also a hem gauge attachment that you can purchase for it. I haven't had a chance to try them out yet but I'm hoping to get back into my sewing room this weekend.

Marta said...

I believe with legs like yours you can wear extra short minis and it would be fine! Lovely dress and I love the fabric!

Mrs. Smith said...

I have this pattern on my to-do list. Love it on you!

I am inching towards 40 but I also (yes you do too!) have AMAZING legs and I will not hesitate to show those babies off!

I sewed Jan, Feb and had a fail in my June culottes. I have a May and June project on the short list and like a skirt in the July issue. March and April? Shhhhh :)

Sue Glas-Parrott said...

You are rocking this dress girl and even though you are 40, you've got the legs for it so WEAR IT!!! I really love this dress on you! It looks great and comfort is always a bonus when we look good, amirite??? :)

Tomasa said...

Your dress is beautiful. I love the bold print and colors. Next time you work with an ITY fabric, try using a Stretch needle. I have found that the stretch needle works quite well with ITY.

Aline said...

I love the dress, and short and snug when being 40 rocks (you have a beautiful figure - there are lots of women in their 20s whom I wouldn't advice to wear this, I don't think age matters)! Anyhow, I wear snug and short as well (41), it might be an attempt to look "hotter than my daughter", but she doesn't seem to mind mind (yet ;)).
I am struggling with May, not too many interesting pieces, but I almost finished June, a lovely dress for my 8yo DD, hopefully July this weekend, though I still have to pick a pattern. It is a fun challenge!

Ayselce örgüler said...

süperr bende denemek istiyorum :)

Lori B said...

This is great. I've earmarked this dress to try and now I am inspired. You look fantastic. Don't let anyone convince you of any bullshit 'rules' about what to wear when you're whatever age. Wear what you like and what makes you feel good!