Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Green Pepper 206

ETA: Here is the patternreview.com review. And here is a link to the Green Pepper information on these mittens.

Had to make The Boy some new mittens because the old ones were put too close to the exhaust stack of our furnace. It is a handy place to put mittens and boots beacuse it is warm. In this case, the mittens were too close and the nylon melted a bit. I have one pair cut out and one of them sewn. I don't have another set of buckles for the other ones so they may be a while in the making. This is a Green Pepper pattern. They have good, rugged outerwear patterns for adults and kids. This is the kid pattern. I'll put a real review on tomorrow.

I added a toggle with elastic at the edge of the cuff so snow and water will stay out. I also added a reflector strip to the right-hand mitten.

The palms are Cordura. The main fabric is XALT Waterproof/Breathable fabric.

The inner mitt is Malden Mills Polartec 200. I made them separate so that we can pull them apart and dry they quickly. Also, we can stick a hand warmer in between the two layers so he can stay warm but the warmer won't be too hot against his skin. Those babies get cookin'.


Kat said...

These look great! So professional looking too. The fabric info was especially helpful. Did the pattern give recommendations or you just knew what fabrics to put together?

Meg said...

Soooo clever. Mittens like these are so expensive in the stores; I'm sure you saved a bundle.

Ann Made Studio said...

Very well made mitts. Great choice of fabrics. They look warm.