Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Burda 05-2005-104 Polo Shirt

Polo shirt from BWOF 05/2005. It is an oldy but goody. I can't believe that only one other person has made this and posted a review at Maybe I'm completely off the mark but I think it is cute. This isn't my best as far as sewing goes. The placket is a little off center and the facings are off. Next time when I know exactly what I am doing, I'll do a nicer job. They use a front facing on this but not a back facing. If you look to the right, you'll see my favorite sewing tutorials. A polo placket is one of them but I wanted to try it their way. I'll do it my way next time. No facings and I like how it turns out. The placket is just a bit thinner than this one.


I made sure that the circles didn't give me bull's eyes. It was kind of hard actually. This fabric has a lot of circles on it.

You can see the back here with no facing. You aren't supposed to stitch the bottom of the placket in a box shape like I did but I like the look of it and it keeps it closed a little bit more.


The inside. I didn't finish the facing edges. This is thin knit and I didn't want a ridge on the outside to show.


The new shoes my husband bought me for my birthday. Here's a link to get your own pair.



Unknown said...

Great shirt, bulls-eyes are never a good thing... Okay, you talked me into it, I just purchased the June BWOF on ebay! You'll owe me $17 if it sucks! One more lesson I learned from you: sexy pose = new shoes!!!

Dana said...

Love that top! I think the tutorial you have posted is the same one that Stretch and Sew classes used to teach (my mom taught for a few years).

I'm with Kristine, because of your blog (mostly) I'm now the owner of three BWOF issues and am on my way to purchasing that Jalie pattern for the top you wore in the last post. I dub you the Queen of Sewing Enablers!!

Melissa said...

Cute top! I have so many back issue of BWOF with sticky notes on the front of things I want to sew, I'm pretty sure that one is marked. I'll have to give it a whirl one of these days.

angie.a said...

I love this pattern and have it in the "que"! It's a great basic, IMO. And you know, of all the things I've learned from PR, bullseyes are maybe my favorite tip. I never used to watch for them before!

Alexandra said...

Great shirt! Looks like it fits you really well and that print is cool. I love polo collars!

Ann Made Studio said...

The print placement looks great. You are right, it is a very cute top. Well done!

Sassy Tina said...

Lol re bulls eye. Looks great.