Saturday, April 5, 2008

Burda - 03-2008-113 Flouncy Wrap Top Part II

Okay, I'm officially a fan of Burda again. (Honey, I know you were in town when they "were dead to me" but I'm a fan again, hint, hint) I graded this pattern down to my size and Laura was right, it only took a few extra minutes. Thank you Laura!!

Here is the new top.

I found that last time I really didn't like the neck treatment. You stitch the neck flounce and body together with the wrong side of the flounce on top of the right side of the body fabric. You sew them together and then turn that inside and stitch from the outside. I didn't like that way because, on a top like this, you are going to see that inside sometimes. So, I added a third strip to the neck section. You can make the above picture bigger. But basically, I stitched the three together and then folded the extra piece over and caught that in the stitching effectively covering up the stitching on the inside. Here is the inside with that extra strip sewed down.


Shannon said...

Cute top - very flattering on you!

Paula Gardner said...

Dawn, I'm thinking red must be a good color for you, you look outstanding in that top.

Alexandra said...

Very pretty! Love the flounce!

Pam Erny said...

Absolutely lovely! Looks terrific on you.

Pam from ~Off The Cuff Style~

Elaray said...

Hi Dawn,

You don't know me. I linked to your blog from Lori's Girls in the Garden. Love your blog btw, but … I'm a big, big, BIG fan of BWOF and I'm curious about why BWOF was "dead to you". I rarely sew anything else. I only sew the plus sizes (I meant it when I said I was a "big" fan) and I love the way they fit. I hope it's not too strange for my first communication with you to be asking you to defend your opinion of BWOF. I'm just curious.

Linda L said...

Just read Lori's review of this top at PR this AM. She referenced your blog. This is a great idea/tip for making that seam look attractive! This top is becoming more appealing to me as I see others wearing it.