Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Burda - 03-2008-115 - Pleated Dress Part II

Thank you, thank you, thank you Karen and Paula for insisting that I make a muslin for the dress. I graded it down to a 36 and wow. Saying that the hip area is tight would be a grave understatement. I will not even take a picture of this. Maybe I'll show the muslin after I let out the side seam.

ETA: Here is the front an back after I did the smallest possible seam allowances possible. When I do the real one I will add more to the hip area. Lots more. Maybe two inches on each side? I know it sounds like a lot but I just let out an inch just now and you can see it is still pretty snug.

The chest area will need to be taken up about a 1/2" in the front and the back. I didn't do it already because I wanted to double check.

I pressed the zipper open because the fabric kept getting stuck in the metal zipper. I use the same zipper over and over again for muslins.

And no, it will not be this short. I just didn't have enough of this cotton fabric to make it the full length.

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Paula Gardner said...

That dress is going to be really cute! I'm glad you made the muslin. I don't think it would be overdoing it to cut the dress with 4 additional can always take it in if you need to.