Saturday, April 19, 2008

Jalie 2319 Hooded Sweatshirt

Full review coming soon at Pattern Review. This is my weekend project for my husband. This is his so it is huge on me. I made him the size Y which is women's size 18. I went up a few sizes for his chest measurement because I didn't want this to be too tight around his shoulders. He was working on the boat and didn't want to get it dirty. So, I am standing on a ladder so he can take a picture of me. Neither of us like the GREEN color but it came in the grab-bag from Wazoodle.

See Ma? No hands!
Here is the front of the envelope. I guess this is a pattern that is OOP. I have never seen it before and PR doesn't have any reviews on it (they have several reviews). I saw it on the Classifieds and bought it. I love Jalie patterns and this would be a great staple for my kids and family. I am planning on making another one in the smallest size to see how it works out. On the next Husband-version, I will make the pockets larger. You can see on the model photo how they look small. I will probably never make the collared version but I love the hoodie.

Here are the line drawings and sizing chart.
I made a kid version too for my daughter. Of course, since there are two of them I will have to make another one.


Vicki said...

Nice work! I kinda like the colour.

Kat said...

The jacket looks great! That is such a vibrant green color too.

Andy said...

Hi Dawn
I think the hoodie looks great. I have being looking for Jalie 2319 for a long time and do not know where to get it.... any ideas?