Saturday, April 5, 2008

New Hot Patterns

Here are some of my favorites from the new Hot Patterns Riviera collection. I don't know that I'll actually buy any. I think I'll wait for the reviews. I have read more than one review saying that there is something wrong with the drafting or there was a piece missing or wrong pattern sent. These patterns are pretty expensive, $20 or so.

Kiss Me Coat: I just love the shape of this coat. Super cute. I like the 'x' embellishments on the pockets and front.

I live in Alaska. Alaskans are notorius for being slobby dressers. I, too, can fall into this trap on occasion (I have three kids!) but I try really hard not to. By default, I wear a lot of t-shirts. It's my culture.

This would be super cute over dressed or at work. My room can go from hot to cold in 20 minutes.

These are cure although I don't know I'll ever make them. My husband would like the lace-up back. Grrrrrrrr. I like the style.

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