Saturday, April 19, 2008

Next Project? Kwik Sew Shorts

Next on my list is KS 3614. Yes, we still have snow but my sheer will that it will be spring soon should be enough to make it warm. I have already cut and sewn the muslin. It looks like a S with no alterations will fit perfectly. I am making either the 2" or 5" inseam, I can't decide. I may make them just a bit longer than the 2". Still deciding right now. Now, onto the real fabric. I am using either a stretch dark wash denim or a stretch sateen bottom weight. I am toying with the idea of putting pockets on the back.

This is the best directions for putting in a fly I have seen. It is better (IMO) than the Betzina (sp?) video in the Threads website. I think people should get this pattern for the fly directions alone. So easy and great finished product.


Karen said...

I'm pretty familiar with Kwik Sew, but I've never noticed these shorts. Since I'm at an age (and shape) where I'd like control of the length of my shorts, I will have to look into this one.

BTW, on that Burda dress pattern we're both doing - you probably won't have to cut down as far as you think. My 38 (usual size) is a little more snug than I would like, though definitely wearable. It ain't the fit in the magazine, let's just say that.

angie.a said...

Thanks for the heads up Dawn! I'm going to check out this pattern! :D