Monday, May 4, 2009

Questions and Answers

E Lohroff has left a new comment on your post "Couture Jacket Class -- 1": Why did you make the seam allowances 1" on the traced pattern?
E Lohroff, We use 1" seam allowances just in case we need to let the pattern out. She said that I probably didn't need to because the pattern is very loose in the chest and waist but she wanted me to add the extra just in case. .

JoanneM has left a new comment on your post "Couture Jacket Class -- 1": Dawn , I want to ask you a few things about your class.Is it offered by your local indy fabric store? Who is teaching the class? I recall you saying that Claire Shaeffer would be attending at some point. Do they run these classes all year or is it a special one time only? I am trying to gauge whether I should investigate the possibility of such a class in my area.Looking forward to your jacket and process.Thank you!
Hi Joanne, This class is offered through Seams Like Home which is our local fabric boutique. The teacher is a local woman who is a member of ASG and has attending several Claire Schaeffer classes. Claire Schaeffer herself is coming up and this class is to make a jacket for when we meet her. Our instructor and the boutique thought it would be great idea to run the class now so we would have plenty of time to get our jacket done before the event in July.

Rachel has left a new comment on your post "Burda 09-2006-115 Wrap Dress": I love the dress and the pattern. How do you draw on your pictures? I have tried to do that, but I can't figure it out.
Rachel, I use It's a free program and it does everything I need.

Elbee has left a new comment on your post "Burda 09-2006-115 Wrap Dress": Hi Dawn. The dress looks really great on you. Curious as to why you wouldn't have used the coverstitch machine on the neckline. I covet a coverstitch machine and imagine that I would have used it here. Thanks.
Hi Elbee, I have the Viking 936 and it doesn't like to coverstitch over narrow things. It's not the density of elastic, it's the width. I have a hard time keeping it lined up. I don't know if this is a Viking 936 thing or if it's just me.

Rhoto has left a new comment on your post "More Loot for the Necchi": Hi Dawn!!If you DIDN'T have the original sewing manual for your Necchi, where do you think you could be able to find it??Rhonda in Montreal (PR), whose friend just bought a machine without a manual (obviously ;) )
Rhonda, There is a Necchi Sewing Machine yahoo group and that where I would start. They are a wealth of information.

E Lohroff has left a new comment on your post "Here We Go Again": Are there two different "rises" on this pattern? You indicate this is low rise. Is there a bit higher one for us who have trouble keeping our shirts tucked in?
Yes, there are two different rises on this pattern. The ones I have made are the lower rise. I wouldn't call them really low but they are not at the waist.

Rachel has left a new comment on your post "Here We Go Again": In my previous post I forgot to ask, what type of needle do you use for topstitching?
I'm using a Denim needle size 100 or a topstitching needle in a 100. I just play around and use whichever one seems to be working at the moment.

melissa has left a new comment on your post "Jalie 2911 - Cozy Pullover Top": Very nice! It reminds me of that 11/06 Burda pullover we both made.And I'm really surprised to hear your love for wool jersey. I used it for the first time recently and found it awful to work with - curling hugely at every opportunity, and in both directions, and after only a few wears (and no washes), it's bobbled a ton, too. So for the money I'm not very keen to sew with it again. Can you tell me/us a bit more about why you love it so much?
Melissa, I'm surprised you don't love wool jersey. I have bought it twice. Once was from Gorgeous Fabrics and once was from the Fabrics and Notions coop yahoo group. They are very different from each other. The Gorgeous Fabrics jersey was very thick and had some lycra in it. The coop fabric was thinner and softer. Neither one of the rolled or curled while I was working with it. It acted like a beefy cotton interlock. Maybe you just need to find the right brand.

Michelle has left a new comment on your post "Jalie 2911 - Cozy Pullover Top": Just a quick question regarding Jalie tops as you have made so many of them...I have made the Choice of T's 2005 and the 2806 and love them both. However, I noticed that the arm hole is cut quite high especially on the 2005 (I made size U). What is your experience?
Michelle, I prefer the newer arm style of the Jalie patterns. The 2005 pattern is the older style and doesn't fit me as well as the new ones do. If you check this blog post you can see the differences between the old and new styles.

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