Sunday, October 12, 2008

Burda? Jalie? Combo.



Snuggly wool, extra long arms, slouchy turtleneck. How can you not love it? This fabric is from Gorgeous Fabrics. It is charcoal gray wool on one side and off-white rayon on the other.

The Gorgeous Fabrics site says you can handwash and hang dry. I wash everything that says that on my delicate cycle. If I had been thinking I would have realized that the wool side would shrink and the rayon side would not. You can see all the ripples in the fabric because that is exactly what happened. The two fabrics are not fused together, they are actually loosely stitched together. When one shrinks and one does not, you get some pretty big ripples.
I needed a white turtleneck more than a gray but the gray side looked better after the wash. The white side just looks wrinkly and the gray side look very textured.

I love this big collar; very dramatic. This is just my Jalie 2005 t-shirt with the neckline and collar from the BWOF 08/08 #118 tunic I made last week.

I have a RTW shirt that has this sleeve treatment and I really like it. It is just a long cuff added to the end of the sleeve. I made these sleeves extra-long too so it's super cozy.

I apologize for the weird-ass pictures too. I'm not sure how one misplaces a tripod but I seem to have done exactly that. It is always in my sewing room but I haven't seen it since before we went hunting.


Nancy K said...

I just bought this fabric at Metro Textiles in NYC. Glad to have your feed back on it! I bought the last 6 yards on the bolt so that I have enough for a winter robe and a t shirt. I think maybe I'll dry clean it.
You want to know how you could misplace a tripod? How about a floor fan? My husband put it away last year and when I went to look for it I couldn't find it. It is still missing in action.

lsaspacey said...

I really like what the wash did to the texture. I bet the white side would look alright if you thought of it as "distressed".

Myra said...

I like it with the wrinkles. Very interesting that way.

angie.a said...

I love this turtleneck. I'm just a smidge claustrophobic but I suck it up to wear turtlenecks because I love em. I really like the crinkly look of the grey!

Christina said...

I like the crinkly look that the fabric has now. Very nice top!

kasizzle said...

The texture looks cool. Nice top!

Anonymous said...

Love it! It looks so warm and snuggly, and I also really like extra long sleeves...

Melissa said...

What a cute and cozy top. I like the effect the wash had on it.