Saturday, October 11, 2008

My Saturday

I live in Alaska.
It's cold here.
I have kids.
They get cold.

Each fall I make an assortment of hats, jackets, mittens, scarves, and othe warmy warm things so that my ever growing brood can stay warm. Today was Hat Day. I made my son two hats and my twins three hats (total, not each).

Here are the boy hats. He doesn't like them to have the chin strap. "Too annoying," he says. The binding is the same as the fabric I used earlier today for the camisole and undies.

Here are the girl hats. They are two years old so they aren't real aware of their skin temperature yet. Neither one would ever wear gloves if I didn't make them. All the hats are Polartec 200 with either lycra swimwear or stretch velvet for binding.

This is the stretch velvet binding. You can see how it covers the neck, cheeks, and forehead.

Notice the double black eyes in the girl in the background.


Sue said...

I can't imagine living somewhere like Alaska. The only issue I had with my kids when they were small was to stop them getting sunburnt!

The hats look really cute and I love the bright colours. Your kids are very cute as well :)

Imaan said...

when you say ever growing brood, are you planning to have more?

very nice hats...we'd love to move somewhere really cold; in Australia, a winter day is warm during the day, cold only at night! I feel so cheated...

Jacqui said...

And I think we're getting cold here just cause we've dipped into the 30's at night. lol I think I'm ready to make me some of those hats. BTW, DS had double black eyes when he was a tot. It actually started as a big forehead bruise that sunk down. I think it takes a mom to understand that we're not purposely trying to bruise up to the kiddos. =)