Saturday, October 25, 2008

Trouser Jeans 2

Here's the single welt pocket. I used the directions from The Complete Book of Sewing Shortcuts by Claire B. Shaeffer. My MIL picked it up at a garage sale for $.99!! What a steal. I think I'll be using the real topstitching thread (see this post for the comparison) because it looks so darn nice.

I know this one is just a tad crooked but that is why I wanted to do a demo before I did it on the real pants. I don't think they are bad for my first try. I thought the demos were going to take me all weekend!

Here's the double welt pocket for the back. I used Ann Rowley's great tutorial for the welt pockets. She used the BWOF directions but then added pictures for every step.

I did use orange topstitching thread but I won't on the real pants. Doesn't it look nice?!?? I'm amazed.

Size comparison.

Next Up: Making the welt in the pants.


kasizzle said...

It looks like that was the Guterman thread you topstitched with? It looks great!
These pants are going to be smokin' hot!

Nancy K said...

They look great, but the single welt is a little wide for a pant pocket. I'd make them about half the width you've made here. If you have an edge stitching foot, run the flange along the inside edge making it very easy to be exact in your topstitching. Make sure that they are wide enough, and deep enough for what you want to put into them. If you actually want to put your hand in them, they need to be 5 or 6" across. I make mine to fit a cell phone.

angie.a said...

Wow, nice pockets!