Monday, October 6, 2008


I've been nominated/awarded/tagged for quite a few things recently. Thank you Kristine, Ann, Gwen, and Cathy.

It means a lot to me that people actually read my blog. My husband makes fun of me sometimes because "no one reads that thing anyway." I can show him comments and say, "SEE! People do read it!" Bwaaaa haaaa haaaa on him.

Here are the seven weird things about me from my March 22 post. I updated the numbers for the kids ages.
  1. I love Chicken Pot Pies. You know, the gross ones by Marie Callendar? Oh yeeeeeah.
  2. I have three kids. A 4YO and a set of identical girl twins that are 2YO. No, they don't look identical and no it doesn't run in our family. (Side note: While fraternal twinning does usually run in families, there is no scientific data to support identical twinning being passed down in families. It is just a genetic fluke and happens randomly.)
  3. I was an aquatic entomological taxonomist before I became a 7th grade teacher. Teaching 7th graders is like sticking a hot needle in your eye some days. I still like the bugs better.
  4. I dislike being on the water. It is a visceral fear that sometimes makes me want to throw up. My husband bought a larger-sized ocean boat so we can take the kids and go out of Whittier. Yea. So. Excited.
  5. I have been garment sewing for almost two years now. It will be two years on the Spring Equinox.
  6. I have a collection of Demestid Beetles in my classroom. There is also a decomposing lynx bear head in with them. "Science Stinks" is my current mantra at school.
  7. My husband and I didn't have a TV for years. We finally broke down and got one so my son could watch Sesame Street and other fun cartoons.

I think all of ya'll have been tagged so I am not tagging anyone. Sorry it took so long to get back to you about the tags. My life has been a bit busy between my business and my teaching. The end of the first quarter is coming up so I have been grading, planning, and busy!

Coming up next? Deer hunting pictures if I can find the camera. It seems to have disappeared in the boat somewhere. We didn't actually get to shoot any deer but it was a fun berry-picking, hiking, bonding trip.


-E said...

My DH is an identical twin. It was freaky when the brother and his wife had kids first- "Hey, that woman's baby looks like my husband..."

Anonymous said...

Oh, I understand your fear of being on water!! Me too! Mind you, I can be IN the water all day, I'm a strong swimmer, but put me in a boat on open water? UGH!

Myra said...

I, too, have a fear of water and flying. Funny, I didn't when I was younger.

angie.a said...

Ooh, I love boats!! But I don't like deer hunting. Blech. :D The hiking and bonding's good though!