Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Questions and Answers

I know that I was going to start doing this more frequently but I just never seem to be able to do it in a timely fashion. Sorry about that!!

vespabelle has left a new comment on your post "Burda 09-2008-125 Trousers with Hem Pleat": What I really want to know is: what brand are those shoes, because they are super cute. (Campers?)
Vesabelle: Those are just Arizona Mary Janes from JCPenny's. I really like them too.

Imaan has left a new comment on your post "I blame Kristine.": OMG, don't tell me you are working as a teacher, on top of cabinbaby, AND looking after 3 under 5????? I am blown you sleep? How do you do it, apart from not being fanatic about cleaning? Do tell! I'm so impressed...
Imaan: Yup, I teach 7th grade science. I do sleep. I go to bed at about 9pm every night but get up at about 5am and sew for an hour or two. It really adds up.

Melissa has left a new comment on your post "Kwik Sew 3167 Sexy Undies/Camisole": Va va voom - but are they at all comfy???? I'm sure your hubby is awfully fond of them too! ;-)
Melissa: They are comfy. I almost always wear thong underwear (sorry if that's TMI) so there is no VPL. With the stretch lace and stretchy cotton, they are very comfortable.

kasizzle has left a new comment on your post "Kwik Sew 3167 Sexy Undies/Camisole": Beautiful! I guess I'm a little dumb, but would you sleep in stretch velvet? Or maybe that's the difference between Alaska and Florida, where we have to sleep in next to nothing because it's so hot?Anyhow, great job. Now you've inspired me to sew something sexy!
Kasizzle: Yes, they would be fine here. We sleep with our house at about 60 degrees and it is drafty. And, really, I don't plan on sleeping much in these if you get my drift. wink, wink.

Imaan has left a new comment on your post "My Saturday": when you say ever growing brood, are you planning to have more? very nice hats...we'd love to move somewhere really cold; in Australia, a winter day is warm during the day, cold only at night! I feel so cheated...
Imaan: NO!!!! NO MORE!!!! We wanted two and have three. I meant they are growing as in getting bigger all the time. Trust me when I say that we have made sure multiple times that my husband has been fixed. No accidents here. No vas defens re-connecting!

Lory has left a new comment on your post "Kwik Sew 3167 Sexy Undies/Camisole": Pretty!!! Beautiful color combo. :):):)I've considered making my own undergarments but I haven't taken the plunge. I think the fabric in many rtw underwear is too thick and leaves vpl's (visible panty lines). I try to avoid that at all costs. And so I've thought that maybe by using different materials I can make my own and avoid the vpl problem. What fabrics (in addition to stretch lace) would be good? Hugs,Lory
Lory: I first made these with a cotton/lycra thin knit and they are super comfy. I didn't finish the edges or anything because I wanted to avoid VPL. I think any thin stretchy knit would work. It is a super comfy pattern.

Lindsay T has left a new comment on your post "UFOs - Sort of": I think I'm going to make my Friday poll about UFOs. Speaking of, where do you stand on your coat? Probably still way ahead of me....
Lindsey T: HA! I have not cut out anything yet. As I said in my last post, I rarely start anything without finishing it, like, right now. I don't like things hanging over me. I start, I finish. It is the starting that I sometimes have a hard time with. The muslin is in my sewing closet right next to the pretty eggplant melton. That is my next intense project. After, of course, the second coat for my second little girl. I'm waiting on more fabric for that right now.


Kat said...

I had a good chuckle over the "getting fixed" comment. My DH is STILL resistant and he talked me out of getting my tubes tied last year. I SHOULD have done it. He keeps dragging his feet, meanwhile I rattle off a list of at least 10-15 guys in our area that have had the snip. He asks, "How do you know that???" Um, women talk you know...

Anonymous said...

Def. better with the sweater out. That's a really cute skirt!