Sunday, October 19, 2008

CAbi party

Anyone been to one? It's a lot like a Pampered Chef party or one of the Partylite candle parties. You go to a friends house and the consultant gives you a schpeel about how great the products is and then you get to browse and buy the products. I normally try to avoid these types of parties because I think most of them are a rip-off and then I feel guilty for not buying. CAbi is a clothing line that they bring to your house. So I just had to go and snoop shop. I would say their target audience is the 30-45 year old working woman. The really push the "you're a strong, healthy, fit woman, why shouldn't you look good" reason to buy clothing. I was impressed by their pant fit. They fit my athletic butt but did not gap on my waist. They had vanity sizeing going in spades. I am small but I'm no size 0. The pants I tryed on were either a size 0 or 2. Most of my girlfriends where in a 4, 6, and 8 and felt great about it. Of course they were realistic about it too and realized that the sizing may have been a tad misleading. I tried to find some of the cute clothing on their website but they don't have much up. They want you to book a party to see all the stuff they've got. Of course.

I am so knocking off their trouser jean pants. I just bought 3 different jean fabrics from hoping to get one that is a thinner weight like the trouser jean I saw. They are having a sale on denim that ends tonight!! Here are two out of the three. I just sorta picked because there are so many different kinds.

I scanned these out of my pamphlet. The prices seemed about like Nordstroms to me. I would never pay $89 for their trouser jean but I could see people going to Norstroms and totally paying that much. I'm too cheap. Click for a larger picture with prices. You can see my notes.

I really like this red, black, and yellow blazer too. Top right. The trouser jean is bottom left and I made it bigger in the next picture. Do you see the high-waisted little black skirt? Bottom right? $118. I could make that in an afternoon and $25 in materials.

I love the welt pocket detail on the front. I also love that all their pockets are functional but stitched closed. That way, if you want the smooth fit you can leave them stitched shut but you can open them too.


Myra said...

I like them, but I am too short and round in the tummy for that right now. Too bad they are so much in price, you could buy one, make a pattern from it to duplicate over and over to get the fit. Although, I am sure you'll get them to fit how you want. I haven't been so lucky, esp. with pants.

Salinda said...

Oh! Snoop Shopping! What fun! I can't wait to see your version of those pants.

Anonymous said...

I've wanted some trouser jeans for over a year now and I'm (im)patiently waiting to go on vacation in the US and buy some 6.5 oz dark washed denim to try and knock off a pair.

I bought some 8.5 oz but I think they are too heavy still so going lighter.

Good luck!


Unknown said...

Hi Dawn,
This is Crystal with I have a special gift of thanks for you and your bloggers for mentioning us on your site and for shopping with us. If you would send me an email at, I can send your gift.



Anonymous said...

Try for CAbi Clothing without the show.

Anonymous said...

Check out CAbi's NEW - Spring '09 - "Tensel Trouser" (looks like denim, feels like silk) and "Sofia Jean" (very light denim with from seam, kind of a 70s look).