Thursday, October 9, 2008

Deer Huntin'

I finally found the camera. It was still in the boat in a little bitty cubby hole. No deer where harmed in the making of this blog post. You see, we didn't get down to the correct island and instead had to stop on a smaller island due to weather and waves. Perry Island, where we stayed and hiked has deer but not very many. We had lots of fun anyway.

My husband with a yellow eye. Yummy. I love how it is the same color as the buoy.

Here we are in the midst of hunting. I used Angie's photoshop tutorial to make these photos pop. I think I went overboard with this one.

Poor, sad, lonely trees live at the top of Perry Island. There is lots of wind and rain up there.

I love macro photos.

Enjoy! Alaska is a beautiful place!


Anonymous said...

WHOA - is that fish seriously neon orange in real life? Or are you playing a trick on us city girls and posing with a rubber one??

Cathy said...

That is one awesome fish!

Ann Made Studio said...

Great pictures!
The colours are awesome :)

angie.a said...

Gorgeous pictures!!

Courtney Graham Hipp said...

Tell the truth - you made that fish out of Play Doh! That is extremely cool. What's it taste like, I wonder?